You are currently viewing Full Panel STD Test at Planned Parenthood: Comprehensive Sexual Health Care
Full Panel STD Test at Planned Parenthood

Full Panel STD Test at Planned Parenthood: Comprehensive Sexual Health Care

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Full Panel STD Test at Planned Parenthood

Are you concerned about your sexual health? Planned Parenthood offers a range of services to ensure your well-being, including full panel STD tests. Our dedicated and non-judgmental staff is here to provide you with confidential testing, treatment, and education. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the importance of getting tested for STDs, the services offered at Planned Parenthood, and the steps involved in the testing process.

Why Should You Get Tested for STDs?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infections that can be transmitted through various sexual activities, including vaginal, anal, and oral sex. Many individuals with STDs may not exhibit any symptoms, making it crucial to get tested regularly. Early detection and treatment are key to protecting your health and preventing the spread of STDs to others.

The Importance of Full Panel STD Tests

A full panel STD test, also known as a comprehensive STD test, screens for multiple sexually transmitted infections simultaneously. This type of test is particularly beneficial if you have engaged in risky sexual behavior or have multiple sexual partners. By opting for a full panel STD test, you can ensure a thorough evaluation of your sexual health and receive appropriate treatment, if necessary.

In order to take the first step towards evaluation, it is advised to proactively to undergo the necessary tests.

Planned Parenthood: Your Trusted Sexual Health Provider

Services Offered at Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood health centers provide a wide range of services related to the testing, treatment, and prevention of STDs. Our comprehensive care includes:

  1. Chlamydia Testing and Treatment: Chlamydia is a common bacterial infection that can be easily treated with antibiotics. Our health centers offer testing and, if necessary, provide the appropriate treatment.
  2. Gonorrhea Testing and Treatment: Gonorrhea is another common bacterial infection that can be asymptomatic but is easily treatable with antibiotics. We offer testing and treatment options to address this infection effectively.
  3. Herpes Testing and Counseling: Herpes is a viral infection that can cause sores or blisters on the genitals or mouth. Our health centers provide testing, counseling, and management strategies to help individuals with herpes navigate their sexual health.
  4. HIV Testing and Counseling: HIV is a viral infection that attacks the immune system. Early detection is crucial in managing the infection and preventing its progression to AIDS. Our health centers offer HIV testing, counseling, and referrals for ongoing care.
  5. Syphilis Testing and Treatment: Syphilis is a bacterial infection that can have severe health consequences if left untreated. Our health centers provide testing and treatment options to address this infection.
  6. Genital Warts and HPV Vaccination: HPV (human papillomavirus) is a common sexually transmitted infection that can cause genital warts and increase the risk of certain cancers. Our health centers offer HPV vaccination and counseling on prevention and management.
  7. Trichomoniasis Testing and Treatment: Trichomoniasis is a parasitic infection that can cause discomfort and complications if left untreated. Our health centers offer testing and treatment options for this infection.

Convenience and Accessibility

Planned Parenthood understands the importance of accessible and convenient care. With health centers located across the country, including telehealth options, getting tested has never been easier. Simply locate the nearest health center or make use of our telehealth services to receive the care you need.

Confidentiality and Non-Judgmental Care

We prioritize your privacy and provide a safe and non-judgmental environment for all individuals seeking sexual health services. Our staff is trained to handle sensitive matters with utmost professionalism and empathy, ensuring your comfort throughout the testing and treatment process.

The Testing Process at Planned Parenthood

Step 1: Making an Appointment

To get started, you can make an appointment at your nearest Planned Parenthood health center. Our friendly staff will guide you through the process and provide any necessary information.

Step 2: Consultation and Risk Assessment

During your visit, a healthcare provider will conduct a consultation and risk assessment to determine the appropriate tests for you. This assessment will involve discussing your sexual history, any symptoms you may be experiencing, and any potential exposure to STDs.

Step 3: Test Selection

Based on the risk assessment, the healthcare provider will recommend specific tests to include in your full panel STD test. These tests may include urine tests, blood tests, oral swabs, genital swabs, or physical examinations.

Step 4: Sample Collection

The healthcare provider will collect the necessary samples for testing. This process is typically quick, painless, and performed with the utmost care and professionalism.

Step 5: Laboratory Testing and Results

The collected samples will be sent to a laboratory for analysis. The turnaround time for results can vary, but most tests provide results within a few days. Rapid HIV testing may provide results within 20 minutes.

Step 6: Follow-Up

If your test results indicate the presence of an STD, the healthcare provider will provide appropriate treatment options and guidance. They will also offer information on how to inform your sexual partners and steps to prevent further transmission.

Affordability and Insurance Coverage

Planned Parenthood is committed to providing accessible and affordable sexual health care. We offer various payment options, including insurance coverage and financial assistance for those who qualify. Please contact your local Planned Parenthood health center for pricing information and to determine your eligibility for financial assistance.


Taking care of your sexual health is essential for your overall well-being. Planned Parenthood offers comprehensive STD testing, treatment, and education to ensure that you can make informed decisions about your sexual health. Remember, getting tested regularly is the best way to protect yourself and your partners. Schedule an appointment at your nearest Planned Parenthood health center today and take control of your sexual health.

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